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Parametric Monitor Arm

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A static monitor-arm object would come adjusted to fixed angles and monitor height. This parametric monitor-arm object allows you to adjust the angles of its arms and thus set the monitor height and depth from the edge of the workstation, as per your choice.

The parametric monitor-arm also loads a monitor-screen which can be toggled off. It also configures to hold dual-monitors by simply selecting the dual-monitor option from the parameters. The 4-way arm adjustment system helps you achieve your desired monitor-screen position on workstations of various sizes.

The light-weight model with lesser detail works well in a mass application scenario - for example, an office space having several workstations. There is however an option available for you to select the 'Level of detail' (LOD) in the parameters where you can choose to show a more detailed monitor-arm.

Software requirement: Archicad 25
You will get a GSM (46KB) file