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Parametric Hanging Panel

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The 'Parametric Hanging Panel' object provides you with ready-to-use & customizable ceiling-suspended panels.

The object comes with a set of pre-defined sizes of various shapes - rectangular, circular & hexagonal. You can also set custom dimensions to the panel including the side length, panel thickness as well as the diameter of the suspenders. The custom rectangular panel can also have rounded corners and you can tune the corner radius as per your choice from the parameter settings.

The panel's height can be dynamically adjusted in 3D, where you can set the bottom level of the panel from the floor, and snap the anchor points of the suspenders to the ceiling with a 3D hotspot.

The object can also be used in the form of a large suspended rectangular panel by setting the desired custom sizes and the suspenders are automatically added in a grid at regular intervals.

Software requirement: Archicad 25
You will get a GSM (27KB) file

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