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Parametric 3D grid with planters-boxes & shelves

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A parametric 3D grid, that can be used as a freestanding room-divider, or placed against a wall as a dynamic 3D backdrop, or toggled in parameters to be placed horizontally in the ceiling as a hanging planter grid. This vogue, multi-utility, grid object can a useful furnishing add-on in your library.

Each placement of the object in plan/3D view, auto-generates some random configurations of wooden planter-boxes and shelves, which can be toggled off in the settings.

This object works great using our parametric box object, which can be configured as a planter box or a shelf. The parametric box object is included in this package. You can design your own grid with boxes by switching-off the randomly placed boxes in the grid object, and placing the parametric box with ease in 3D view using the snap-points (hotspots) available at each intersection on the face of the grid.

Please write to us on for any customisation that you require in this object. We would be happy to do that for you.

Software requirement: Archicad 25
You will get the following files:
  • GSM (38KB)
  • GSM (98KB)