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Framed Panels in Corbusier's Modulor proportions (GSM object)

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Parametric BIM object to generate proportionally divided framed random grid using a user-defined set of colours. The proportions are inspired/derived from the Le Corbusier's famous scale of proportions 'The Modulor'.

  • Proportionally divided coloured panels
  • Colour set can be defined in parameters
  • Available parameters for the frame: Thickness, Depth, Material
  • Grid size proportional to the given height
  • Each placement produces a random grid
Should you require any customisation in this object, please feel free to contact us on hello@onizu.comĀ and we would be glad to provide you a customised version suited to your requirement.

Software requirement: Archicad 25
You will get a GSM (25KB) file

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